Injury Prevention

Goal “Zero”

When it comes to on-the-job injuries, every company should make their goal “zero.” We offer several programs designed to help companies reduce the risk of workforce injury.

Based in Lafayette, LA, the Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc. knows that the key to employee happiness, health, and productivity starts with identifying the job; learning to do the jobs properly and safely; and quickly and effectively responding to issues and injuries when they come up. Whether you’re in office-based work or manual labor, we can help you keep your injury tally at zero and employee satisfaction at an all-time high.

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Be Proactive

Our injury prevention programs proactively prevent injuries by starting from the ground up. We’ll help you develop Job Descriptions that are quantifiable, validated and complete, which are the foundation of employee safety. From the Job Description and quantifiable data, we can develop an objective Post Hire Assessment for each specific job. Our Back Schools teach workers how to move their bodies on the job (and in their leisure activities) in ways that prevent injury and strain, and our Ergonomic Assessments can help you identify potential sources of injury at the job site well before they occur.

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We can help you with:

  • Education to recognize musculoskeletal risks for your particular industry and all positions within.

  • Solutions to eliminate the risk of injury on the job.

  • Education to teach your employees how to avoid injury through safe movement on and off the job.

  • Developing plans to keep your injury count at zero, including job description development, ergonomic assessments, proper stretching techniques and more.

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Job Description Development

Post-Hire Assessments

Back Schools


Your Injury Prevention Partner

Our injury prevention programs proactively prevent injuries by starting from the ground up.

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