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Having a detailed and quantifiable job description is crucial for every company. A job description has to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide an overview of all the physical requirements a specific job may demand. This not only ensures you get the right applicants for the job, but also provides a defensible legal framework in the event of a lawsuit.

The Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc. provides an objective, comprehensive analysis of the physical requirements for each individual job that is designed to hold up in any court. Our detailed and quantifiable data allows us to help you develop better post-hire assessments as well as assessments that determine whether an employee is able to come back to work after an illness or injury, whether job related or not.

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Paul working with Operator to measure valve force

We create detailed, specific job descriptions through our time-tested procedures, including:

  • Sending an occupational therapist to your work site.

  • Measuring all forces, weights and distances involved in performing essential functions for the position.

  • Documenting the number of task repetitions performed within a specified time period.

  • Reviewing the job description with the people who are already performing the tasks and their supervisors to ensure detail, quality and accuracy.

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Job Description Development

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