Post-Hire Assessments

Avoid Liability & Injury

When you have a physically labor-intensive position, you can’t simply take your employee’s word that they can perform their job duties. Post-hire assessments help your company avoid liability and injury by using real-life work simulations to make this assessment, not speculation. You can rest assured that only the employees who are able to safely go to work are hired.

We’re proud to offer post-hire assessments for manual labor in a non-climate-controlled facility, so that you can better evaluate your employees’ capacity to work in the Gulf Coast climate.

Whereas other clinics only require an hour of assessment in a climate-controlled environment, our post-hire assessments have the potential employee performing up to six hours in the natural climate.

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Our post-hire assessments include:

  • Detailed Comprehensive Medical history questionnaire

  • Musculoskeletal baseline assessment

  • Stretching and warm-up exercises

  • Back School and body mechanics training

  • Realistic job test protocols

  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure monitoring throughout the entire assessment

  • Close observation by trained professionals

  • Immediate pass/fail status

  • Test report delivered to you on each new hire

  • Record keeping of test results on-site for seven years

  • Monthly and year-to-date statistic reporting

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Post-Hire Assessments

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