Occupational Therapy Student Fieldwork

Starting your Career

Are you interested in starting your occupational therapy career in Work and Industry with the Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc.? Are you looking for opportunities to learn and train in one of Occupational Therapy’s “Emerging Practice” areas?  We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you and your academic advisors.

Student fieldwork is designed to introduce students to the occupational therapy experience, and provide them with learning opportunities with clients in a variety of practice areas. The students are strictly supervised by licensed occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, while still allowing them to experience the work firsthand.

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Physical therapist holding and checking patient's leg


The American Occupational Therapy Association defines Level I fieldwork as including “experiences designed to enrich didactic coursework through directed observation and participation in selected aspects of the occupational therapy process,” and Level II fieldwork should enhance that learning experience through further client opportunities.

If you’re interested in joining the passionate and friendly team at the Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc., please email or call. Include your resume and an overview of your availability, as well as your reasons for requesting a fieldwork opportunity in Work and Industry with us. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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