Functional Capacity Evaluations

Objective Assessments

Functional Capacity Evaluations are used to objectively determine an employee’s current level of function in order to see if that individual is currently capable of returning to work and performing their job duties for full eight or more hour workdays. The key to a useful report is prioritizing observable, objective data by simulating actual work conditions. We go the extra mile for our manual labor clients; our facilities include a non-climate-controlled area to account for the real job environment. We compare our results to your job description so that you have an objective determination of not only whether your employee can come back to work, but the amount of rehabilitation it might take to get them there.

Our assessments allow the occupational therapist to have the client participate in a variety of different activities in which the client is unaware of what the clinician is seeking to determine. These cross checks are critical in confirming or ruling out indicators of symptom magnification. Our trained group of occupational therapists document indisputable, objective and expert determinations regarding a person’s ability to perform work.

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Simplify your return-to-work decision with our Functional Capacity Evaluations:

  • Evaluate your employees in a real work environment under professional clinical supervision.

  • Pinpoint the presence or absence of indicators of symptom magnification.

  • Compare our detailed evaluation to your job description to make your decision objective and easy.

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Functional Capacity Evaluations

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