Work Conditioning Program

Build Up Tolerance

The Center for Work Rehabilitation’s Work Conditioning Program is designed to be a significant step in the return-to-work rehabilitation process. After an employee has met all of their acute care and immediate rehabilitation goals, we then work with them to build up their tolerance to activity. No matter what the injury or illness was or the treatments and rehabilitation they have received thus far, they will have lost strength, stamina and cardiovascular health and need to regain as much as they can in order to better manage work or even activities of daily living at home.

When an employee is sick or injured and cannot work, it can have devastating financial and emotional impact as well as physical deterioration. Most workers are eager to return to their jobs, and can experience frustration when they’re “healed,” but are still unable to fully perform their job duties. Even life activities at home can be challenging and in some cases, lingering pain or reduced abilities are the new “norm” for them.

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CWR to Drill Floor
physical therapist working with senior patient using resistance band

One-On-One Conditioning

We use an aggressive, progressive one-on-one work conditioning program over several weeks to strengthen the patient. CWR’s spacious facility in Lafayette, LA include a 5,000 square foot non-climate-controlled area to simulate the real work environment to which most of our manual laborers aim to return.

Of course, we treat clients from every possible profession, including office workers and long-range truck drivers. We understand that each job with each company comes with a set of unique physical demands. Our goal is to form an individual plan to return each patient back to good health, fully capable of performing all of their job duties at the same or better level than before they were injured.

Interested in helping your employees with their rehabilitation? For more information about how we can help your valued staff improve their physical health, and make their return to work as smooth as possible, contact us today.

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Work Conditioning Program

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