Work Hardening Program

Avoid Future Injuries

Our work hardening program is designed to bridge the gap between employees who have reached maximum medical improvement, but still need to improve their functional abilities so that they can return to competitive employment. Like our Functional Capacity Evaluations, we use a real work environment and specific work activities to help evaluate and improve each client.

We pair this environment with aggressive stretching and conditioning exercises and education, specifically tailored to each individual employee’s needs. Not only does this help improve their functional work abilities, but they also learn new skills to avoid injuries in the future.

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When you utilize our Work Hardening Program in Lafayette, LA, you and your employees will reap the benefits:

  • Shorten the time between your employee’s illness or injury and their return to work

  • Improve the level of work they are able to perform post illness or injury

  • Significantly decrease the risk of additional injury through conditioning, stretching and training in proper body mechanics

The Center for Work Rehabilitation is confident we can help your employees return to even greater health and functionality. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist your company!

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Work Hardening Program

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Our injury prevention programs proactively prevent injuries by starting from the ground up.

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