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About the Fontana Center

The Fontana Center and the Center for Work Rehabilitation are two halves of the same business. Founded in 1986 by Paul Fontana, OTRL, FAOTA, the Center for Work Rehabilitation was established to enlist the expertise of occupational therapists to work with workers injured on the job and make the workplace safer.

The Fontana Center’s Fitness Center was introduced in 1998 when we built and moved into our current facility. The Fitness Center is open to members of the public and offers exercise classes and facilities for adults of any age and fitness level.

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Dedicated to Our Community

As a proud member of the Lafayette community, we dedicate ourselves to doing all we can to keep our community fit and productive. We believe in a holistic approach to health, which is why you’ll see that our Fitness Center offers personal training, massage therapy, and exercise consultations as well as a well-appointed strength training and cardio gym and pool to address your health and activity needs. 

You’ll also see that our Occupational Therapy Clinic is specifically designed to address the issues of workforce safety and injury.  While our Health and Fitness Facility serves those in our immediate community, our Occupational Therapy Clinic serves clients all over the country.

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The Fontana Center Fitness Center

Our fitness center is designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels. With our no-contract monthly memberships, we offer a great deal for a local gym in Lafayette!

When you sign up with the Fontana Center, you’ll get a level of personal attention that can’t be found at other gyms. We accomplish this in a few key areas:

Once you sign up with us, we perform a comprehensive initial evaluation with an exercise physiologist that’s designed to identify your individual trouble spots, strengths, and needs and create an “exercise prescription” just for you so that you can get stronger and healthier.

Don’t settle for just any personal trainer! The Fontana Center hires expert post-graduate exercise physiologists who have been trained to identify where you may be susceptible to injury or overexertion and how to tailor your specific workout to maximize benefits for you. You’ll be amazed at the progress you will make! Book your sessions now.  Pay per session or buy a package.

Don’t settle for just any personal trainer! The Fontana Center hires expert post-graduate exercise physiologists who have been trained to identify where you may be susceptible to injury or overexertion and how to tailor your specific workout to maximize benefits for you. You’ll be amazed at the progress you will make! Book your sessions now.  Pay per session or buy a package.

Our gym is outfitted with the best strength training and cardio exercise equipment, and we’re passionate about keeping it clean, well-maintained, and easy to access.

With a variety of classes to choose from, members can get active in a group. We cater to adults of all ages and fitness levels and are positive you can find a class either in our gym, our yoga or aerobic rooms, or in our pool that gets you motivated to move and improve.

Our members have access to an enclosed and heated 75 x 25-meter, six-lane pool. Members can lap swim, perform water exercises, or join in one of our daily water aerobics classes.  The pool’s temperature is maintained at  86 to 88 degrees 24/7, year-round, in compliance with the Arthritis Foundation guidelines. Do you or your family members need to learn to swim or improve your stroke? We’re proud to offer swim lessons for all levels of skill so that you can rest assured everyone in your household can hold their own in the water.

Exercise is its own reward, but why stop there? We offer massage therapy services for our members. Choose from relaxing Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and more.

A Commitment to Community

As a local gym and rehabilitation center in Lafayette, we believe in the power of community. The Fontana Center is proud to be a part of several local charitable programs, including:

Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Program

We are delighted to help the Lions Club in their mission to collect eyeglasses for recycling and redistribution to the needy. If you’re interested in donating your glasses to help those in need, please stop by or call the Fontana Center for more information.

Food Pantries

Hunger is a serious problem in many parts of the United States, including right here at home. Last year we partnered with a local school food pantry to help collect food donations for those in need, and we’re looking forward to doing it again!

Socks for the Homeless

Every fall, we participate in a campaign to collect socks to be distributed to our community’s homeless.

Monthly Lecture Series

Because we’re equipped with such a large space, the Fontana Center is happy to open its doors to the public for free community lectures on timely and relevant topics, including health, wellness, local politics, and more. Call or sign up for our newsletter to find out what’s next on the agenda!


How Do I Get Started?2020-10-09T16:12:11-05:00

To help you get started with your program, one of our Exercise Physiologists will perform a comprehensive physical fitness evaluation. Our staff will use this evaluation to design a program to meet your needs.

Our evaluation consists of:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Girth Measurements
  • Risk Profile
  • Goal Setting
  • Exercise Prescription
What is The Fontana Center?2020-10-09T16:11:46-05:00

The Fontana Center For Fitness and Health is designed to meet the needs of people who are interested in improving their health and well being. You will enjoy the benefits of a clean, comfortable, relaxed setting while working to meet your fitness goals. Our fitness staff is comprised of highly trained individuals who are dedicated to helping you meet your goals.

What’s Included in My Membership?2020-10-09T16:11:26-05:00

Along with full use of our highly equipped gym, our members have access to an enclosed heated 75-meter x 25-meter six-lane pool. You can lap swim, perform water exercises or join in one of our daily water aerobics classes. The pool’s temperature is kept at a constant 86 to 88 degrees year-round (in compliance with the Arthritis Foundation guidelines).

If you’re interested in aerobics we offer both land and water classes daily.  The classes are suited for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced.  Our schedule includes step, toning, and deep water classes to name a few. We are also pleased to offer Yoga and Pilates.

Do You Offer Any Additional Services?2020-10-09T16:10:51-05:00

Personal Training: If one-on-one training sounds good, you can make arrangements to utilize one of our Personal Trainers for an additional fee.

Swim Lessons:  Are you, or someone you know, afraid of the water because you don’t know how to swim? We offer private swim lessons throughout the year and group lessons during the summer for ages 3 through adult. Our swim instructors must meet rigorous criteria and must be certified through the Red Cross.

Massage Therapy:  If your muscles are a little sore or you just feel like you need some pampering, massage therapy services are available with a Licensed Massage Therapist. We offer 1/2 hour, 1 hour, and 1 1/2 hour massages. Why not treat yourself

What are your hours?2021-06-30T11:56:57-05:00

Our fitness hours are:
Monday through Friday: 5 am – 7 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?2020-10-09T16:09:21-05:00

No! Our memberships are billed on a monthly basis.  There are no contracts to sign.  We accept checks or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).  As an added convenience, we offer monthly credit card auto-pay as well as automatic bank draft.

No Contract Membership!

We don’t believe in locking you into a lengthy membership, because we believe you’ll be so happy that you’ll keep coming back all by yourself.

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