Fitness Classes

Aquatic Classes We Frequently Offer

All individuals must be able to get in and out of the pool independently. Please bring a towel, dry footwear and a non-glass water bottle to class.

Includes exercise movements in the shallow water, designed to increase range of motion and strength to benefit those who have arthritis or other joint issues.

Exercise done in 10 foot water, working on range of motion as well as strength. For all fitness levels, especially seniors and those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint issues and expectant mothers.

A cardio class which gives you the option of a low to no-impact workout. If you are on the advanced level you will be given options for power moves to increase intensity levels. The class is in 4-foot water, for beginners to advanced participants. May also include toning exercises using various equipment.

A quick-paced cardio workout that combines speed, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular moves to work on full-body fitness.  Class is done in 4-foot water and designed for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

A strengthening and conditioning class done in 4 foot water, consisting of overall body resistance exercises. For all fitness levels.

A low to no impact version of the most basic form of exercise. This class is done in 4 foot water and incorporates many variations of this skill.  Designed for all fitness levels, but ideal for beginners or those preparing for or recovering from knee or hip surgery.  Currently not offered as a full class, but as an addition to classes on the schedule.

30 minutes of shallow water cardio and 30 minutes of deep water cardio and strength training. This class uses flotation devices with a variety of resistance tools for deepwater work. For all fitness levels.

This class incorporates 20 minutes of deep water, 20 minutes of shallow water, and 20 minutes of toning!

Land Classes We Frequently Offer

Please bring your water bottle & exercise mat to classes.

30 minutes of total body resistance training exercises all performed using the exercise ball. Great for core muscle and balance training, and followed by 30 minutes of an overall body stretching routine that is designed to incorporate all major muscle groups.  All levels welcome.

Designed to tone, trim, and sculpt.  Decrease inches while working on full-body toning. A 30-minute class designed for all fitness levels.

Fun, upbeat low-impact aerobics set to energetic music that will put a smile on your face and a pep in your step.  Geared towards all fitness levels.

Conditioning & calisthenics. This class is designed to increase metabolism, burn calories, and increase muscular strength & endurance by doing a variety of cardiovascular movements along with bodyweight training.  No equipment will be used in this workout. All levels.

New & old line dances set to range of music genres. Learn the steps and get some exercise too!

The perfect class for beginner to intermediate levels of fitness. The beginning incorporates easy to follow moves to increase your cardiovascular fitness. The second segment tones and defines muscles using various equipment, and the last segment use stretching. Beginner/intermediate.

Not exactly a yoga class but inspired by yoga poses, breathing, and meditation.  This class focuses on core strength, balance, flexibility, and finding peace of mind to get you through the day feeling energized and a little less stressed.

High-intensity interval training, consisting of both cardio and strengthening stations. The class is done in the fitness gym area.

Designed to work specifically on balance. The class incorporates many types of exercise, including leg and core strengthening, stretching, and movement exercises that will challenge your balance.

Overall body stretching routine that is designed to incorporate all major muscle groups. The soothing atmosphere of the class will help to relax your mind as well. All fitness levels.

A variety of low impact cardiovascular and strength training activities into one class. All fitness levels.

Work out to the beat of Latin inspired tunes.  This energized workout combines dance moves along with basic low impact and strengthening exercises for all fitness levels.

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