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The Center for Work Rehabilitation
CWR offers Injury Prevention and Return to Work programs such as Post Offer Testing, Back Schools, Post Injury Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Work Hardening. With locations in Lafayette, Louisiana and Houston, Texas, we are ready to serve you.
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"By using the Fontana Center to physically test and access our

pre-employment candidates we have added a very valuable and essential

step in our pre-employment screening process.  We now know whether or

not a candidate is physically capable of doing the job for which he/she

is being hired to do.  And since the installation of this process, our

Short Service Employee incident and illness rate has dropped



R.T. Fitch, CELS

Executive Director, HR

Delmar Systems, Inc.



     "We have been sending our prospective employees to The Fontana Center for about 9 years.  We have had nothing but good results from the pre-employment physicals done with The Fontana Center. It has definitely helped our Lost Time Incidents by putting our prospective employees through this type of physical.  If there are problems that wouldn't normally be reported to us, the physical will indicate them.  More than protecting us from lawsuits from lingering health problems, we see where people have benefited from finding out health problems that they didn't know about.

     We had a guy go through and fail due to lack of endurance.  He didn't have any weight problems and looked healthy but couldn't pass the physical.  The Fontana Center recommended that he see his doctor, and it was found that he had major artery blockage.  He was treated, had stints placed, and followed the doctor's orders.  A few months later he came back and passed with flying colors.  He is now working for us and credits the physical for saving his life.  He had been feeling weak for a while, but thought he was just getting older.

     We have had days when 3 out of 4 people fail the physical.  Even though we needed to fill all 4 positions we have to look at the big picture of their health and our work force.  If they can't pass the physical, we don't hire them.  This program has also helped on our insurance cost due to being proactive in controlling our risks of injuries, back problems and health issues before they become employees.

     I highly recommend using The Fontana Center for all of your pre-employment physicals and physical therapy needs."


Lou Dupre

Asst. Personnel/Safety Manager

Sea Mar Management



  "I would recommend the Fontana Center as a pre hire tool for any company wanting to save money.  The pre hire functional testing that Paul Fontana and his staff has designed for Dupre Transport with the job descriptions has helped in the following key areas.  These tests have helped to bring on board a healthier employee who performs all essential job tasks in a safe manner which overall results in a healthier workforce.  By bringing these people on board it has helped in a reduction in our personal injuries with employees that can get the job done safely.  We together, Dupre Transport and the Fontana Center, have developed a partnership if and when we have a problem that we work toward getting employees healthier to be able to meet the set standards.  The bottom line is the money spent up front in the hiring process is multiplied in overall cost savings with this hiring tool.  Paul Fontana and his staff is a key to making this program such a success for our company."  
Al LaCombe
Director of Safety
Dupre Transport LLC.




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