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CWR offers Injury Prevention and Return to Work programs such as Post Offer Testing, Back Schools, Post Injury Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Work Hardening. With locations in Lafayette, Louisiana and Houston, Texas, we are ready to serve you.
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Job Descriptions are vital to any business. A well-written job description serves as a foundation for a company to maintain compliance with the American Disabilities Act and defend itself when faced with legal actions. The Center for Work Rehabilitation, Inc. writes job descriptions, which will contain an objective detailed analysis of all of the physical requirements of the position and will be quantifiable in order to hold up in court. We accomplishe this by:

  • Having an Occupational Therapist travel to the work site.
  • Measuring all of the forces and distances involved in performing the essential functions for the position.
  • Documenting the number of repetitions that a task is performed within a specified time period.
  • Validating the job description with the people who are already performing the tasks and their supervisors.

The benefits of developing job descriptions in this manner are:

  • They provide the basis on which Post Offer Assessments can be developed.
  • They are useful in determining whether or not an employee can go back to work.

Job descriptions are proprietary and once written become the property of your company.

We would be happy to consult with you if you have job descriptions you feel need reviewing.