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The Center for Work Rehabilitation
CWR offers Injury Prevention and Return to Work programs such as Post Offer Testing, Back Schools, Post Injury Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Work Hardening. With locations in Lafayette, Louisiana and Houston, Texas, we are ready to serve you.
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Ergonomics is not simply good "PR", but rather good business. A program designed utilizing good ergonomic principles will result in:

  • Reduced injuries and workers compensation claims
  • Keeping valuable employees on the job and productive
  • Reduced fatigue, improved morale and productivity
  • Reduced costs and improved bottom line

Paul Fontana has been recognized as an expert in Ergonomics in the United States. He is the only Occupational Therapist that has been called to testify before a U.S. Senate Committee hearing on Voluntary Ergonomic Guidelines.

Mr. Fontana and his staff of Occupational Therapists are uniquely trained and are ready to assist you in:

  • Development and implementation of a full ergonomic program for the company or division.
  • Performing an on-site ergonomic analysis and develop an abatement plan for an employee who is having  problems
  • Implementing a train the trainer program

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